Hello and Welcome!

Over the last thirty years, I’ve serviced and repaired close to a quarter of a million pairs of hairdressing scissors that are routinely sent to my workshop from my regular clients who are placed all over Australia. That being what it is, I can say, without a shadow of a doubt, there is no make of scissor, or model, or size, or edge style, or metal quality, or colour, or any hairdressing scissor that I am not already acquainted with. I've serviced them all. Nine times out of ten, I can return them back to 'as new' condition, and indeed sometimes even better than new.

Hairdressers can rest assured that every pair of scissors that are sent to my workshop are serviced correctly and in accordance with the manufacturer's specific recommendations and guidelines.  I also have the addition of adding different styles of edges, or custom edges, suited to different cutting styles; edge styles from slide cutting to barbering, micro-serrated edges and everything else in between.

If you're a hairdresser looking for somewhere to send your scissors for a full factory quality service, the choice is easy. Simply purchase a service voucher from our store, fill in the form, and send them to our fully equipped workshop. Your scissors will be well looked after, professionally serviced, and returned to you via express post.

Best regards,
Karl Schlemmer,
Scissorsmith - Bladesmith - Custom Knife Maker